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Mainland-Southwest, BC
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Trail NameDist?Elv?Report(s)Album(s)Last Report?Result?Add Report?
Upper Shannon Falls6.045002/26/2011No information
Lindsay Lake/Halvor Lunden Trail15.0100512/30/2010Successful attempt
Zoa Peak11.063512/28/2010Failed attempt
Mount Gardner17.071908/02/2010Successful attempt
Baden-Powell Trail (Deep Cove to
Lynn Canyon) one way
12.040510/27/2010Successful attempt
Tricouni Peak11.093607/17/2010Successful attempt
Cloudburst (from Chance Creek
15.0117105/02/2010Successful attempt
Brew Lake13.0102002/07/2010Failed attempt
Mount Sproatt14.0120012/19/2010Successful attempt
High Falls Creek12.064011/20/2010Successful attempt
Lower Pierce Lake16.0104010/30/2010Successful attempt
Elk-Thurston Mountain16.0102009/11/2010Successful attempt
Hanes Valley (from Lynn
Headwaters to Grouse) one way
17.0113008/01/2010Successful attempt
Coliseum Mountain (from Seymour
28.0124007/06/2010Successful attempt
Flint and Feather Trail3.085306/23/2010Successful attempt
Hector Ferguson Lake30.063506/06/2010Successful attempt
Guanaco Peak (from Zopkios Rest
20.091504/25/2010Failed attempt
Thunderbird Ridge6.015002/07/2010Successful attempt
Vedder Mountain Ridge Trail11.036401/24/2010Successful attempt
Unnecessary Mountain18.081009/01/2009Successful attempt
Stawamus Chief (South summit)7.0500008/17/2009Successful attempt
Skyline Trail East20.064508/01/2010Successful attempt
Mount MacDonald29.0166707/17/2010Successful attempt
Stewart Peak12.0126809/26/2009Successful attempt
Eaton Lake8.091507/25/2009Successful attempt
Mount Strachan (via Hollyburn
11.060012/05/2010Successful attempt
Sigurd Peak10.0180011/03/2010Failed attempt
Hat Mountain19.0140010/31/2010Failed attempt
Coliseum Mountain (from Lynn
24.0125609/22/2010Successful attempt
Mount Steele18.069008/27/2010Successful attempt
Deeks Peak16.0161508/25/2010Successful attempt
Flora Lake Loop20.0113508/18/2010Successful attempt
Brandywine Meadows7.051508/08/2010No information
Mount Crickmer18.0119007/24/2010Successful attempt
Mount Price27.0146507/14/2010Successful attempt
Radium Lake17.0900007/07/2010Failed attempt
Slollicum Peak12.0109006/12/2010Successful attempt
Lower Stein Valley Trail (From
Stein Valley Trailhead to
Ponderosa Creek) return
42.034505/23/2010Failed attempt
Sigurd Creek (to the second
9.082504/29/2010Successful attempt
Metal Dome (from Brandywine FSR)16.0120012/05/2009Successful attempt
Chief North Summit (via the
north-east face)
9.064011/01/2009Successful attempt
Crown Mountain (via Grouse Grind)12.0130009/20/2009Successful attempt
Tetrahedron Peak12.0139009/13/2009Failed attempt
Mount Grant (from Eaton Lake
14.0177009/07/2009Failed attempt
Petgill Lake12.061006/27/2009Successful attempt
Hollyburn Peak (from Cypress
6.043004/05/2009Successful attempt
Williams Peak18.0166308/31/2008Successful attempt
Larsen Trail (From Grouse Grind
parking lot) one way
3.085010/30/2010Successful attempt
Munro Lake Trail7.079510/17/2010Successful attempt
Frosty Mountain (from Lightning
Lake to Windy Joe)
28.0120610/11/2010Successful attempt
Vicar Lakes26.078010/02/2010Successful attempt
Stawamus Chief (Second Peak)9.0550009/23/2010Successful attempt
Illal Meadows10.060008/01/2010Successful attempt
Grouse Grind (round trip)5.085007/25/2010No information
Capilano Mountain26.0164007/25/2010Failed attempt
Mount Windsor18.0164507/17/2010Successful attempt
Sun God-Seven O'Clock loop13.0108507/11/2010Successful attempt
Gate Mountain16.0117006/13/2010Failed attempt
Tunnel Bluffs Trail5.062606/13/2010Successful attempt
MacKay Creek Trail5.085006/05/2010Successful attempt
Baden-Powell Trail (Lynn Canyon
to Grouse Mountain) one way
10.020005/23/2010Successful attempt
Dam Mountain-Thunderbird Ridge
7.024505/22/2010Successful attempt
Burton Hut (From Rubble Creek
parking lot)
28.092503/21/2010Successful attempt
Teapot Hill5.0250003/07/2010Successful attempt
Flatiron Peak (via Needle Peak
11.069002/28/2010Successful attempt
First Brigade Trail13.078002/20/2010Successful attempt
Coquitlam Crunch5.028001/31/2010No information
Taggart Peak (via Glen Ryder
11.077401/23/2010Successful attempt
Blue Mountain16.0620010/24/2009Successful attempt
Mount Bishop (from Rice Lake
33.0127010/24/2009Failed attempt
Mount Mcguire8.065908/23/2009Failed attempt
Pinecone Lake (from 4WD road end)10.073008/16/2009Failed attempt
Mount Burwell (from Seymour
34.0143007/12/2009Failed attempt
Baden-Powell Trail (Cypress to
Cleveland Dam) one way
12.085006/20/2009Successful attempt
Mount Hallowell17.01010006/11/2009Successful attempt
Gambier Lake15.0475005/23/2009Successful attempt
Stawamus Squaw15.054005/16/2009Successful attempt
Alder Flats (in Golden Ears)11.028005/06/2009Failed attempt
Stawamus Chief Three summits Loop12.060504/26/2009Successful attempt
Mount Lincoln3.0580004/25/2009Successful attempt
Metal Dome (from Callaghan Valley
15.0120004/25/2009Successful attempt
Mount Fromme (from Mosquito
10.084002/07/2009Successful attempt
Brian Waddington Hut/Phelix Creek
(from end of 4WD road)
8.043510/11/2008Successful attempt
Blackcomb Mountain (from Whistler
20.0190009/06/2008Successful attempt
Mount Webb22.0154008/03/2008Successful attempt
Two Canyons Loop9.8353012/26/2010Successful attempt
Mount Windsor (from 4WD Parking
12.0140012/10/2010Failed attempt
Mount McGuire (From Slesse Creek
Parking Lot)
29.8180011/13/2010Failed attempt
Whyte Lake Trail3.023810/24/2010Successful attempt
Cheakamus Canyon9.0200010/17/2010Successful attempt
Mount Burwell (from Lynn
30.01430010/16/2010Successful attempt
Upper Pierce Lake21.0135009/05/2010Successful attempt
Haylmore-Melvin Divide20.0104009/04/2010Successful attempt
Emma Lake6.0655009/03/2010Successful attempt
Panorama Ridge (via Helm Creek
34.0132508/28/2010Successful attempt
Mount Weart (from Wedgemount
11.096008/15/2010Successful attempt
Silverdaisy Mountain18.0142008/02/2010Successful attempt
Skyline Trail West16.0123007/31/2010Successful attempt
Tenquille Lake (from Pemberton
18.01435007/31/2010Successful attempt
Alouette Mountain (from West
Canyon trailhead)
11.0117007/14/2010Successful attempt
Statlu Lake9.025007/02/2010Successful attempt
Skagit River Trail one way15.0-10506/26/2010Successful attempt
Burke Summit20.0890006/06/2010Successful attempt
Williams Ridge12.01420006/05/2010Successful attempt
Tangled Summit19.01150005/23/2010Successful attempt
Paton's Lookout (from Seymour
25.0780005/15/2010Successful attempt
South Needle (via Hydraulic Creek
18.097304/25/2010Successful attempt
Elk Mountain8.0674004/24/2010Successful attempt
Hut Lakes13.0395004/18/2010Successful attempt
Mount Mercer17.0140004/11/2010Successful attempt
Capilano Canyon8.010004/10/2010Successful attempt
Sumas Mountain (west)16.087003/13/2010Successful attempt
Hoover Lake7.0250002/21/2010Successful attempt
Windy Joe15.0525011/08/2009Failed attempt
Hayward Lake Resevoir Trail10.02010/31/2009Successful attempt
Hayward Lake Railway Trail6.01010/31/2009Successful attempt
Sumas Mountain (east)14.0715010/04/2009Successful attempt
Erik The Red Trail9.0480009/22/2009Successful attempt
Dilly Dally Loop (Halvor Lunden
Trail )
25.01272009/20/2009Successful attempt
Panorama Ridge (from Taylor
15.0610008/30/2009Failed attempt
Mount Cook (from Wedgemount Lake)4.078008/30/2009Successful attempt
Runner Peak Loop11.042008/30/2009Successful attempt
Tricouni Peak (via north ridge)16.0115008/22/2009Successful attempt
Overlord Mountain (From Russet
9.0850008/16/2009Successful attempt
Whirlwind Peak (From Russet Lake)6.0557008/16/2009Successful attempt
Blackcomb Mountain (from Gondola
11.0590008/16/2009Successful attempt
Robie Reid20.0197508/15/2009Failed attempt
Castle Towers (from Helm Creek)32.0230808/09/2009Successful attempt
Mount Elsay16.050008/08/2009Successful attempt
Boise Creek Trail (From road end
to Mamquam Pass)
12.00008/08/2009Failed attempt
Porterhouse Peak (Southeast face,
from Shortcut Creek)
11.0135808/03/2009Successful attempt
Crown Mountain from Lynn
Headwaters Park entrance (one-way
to Grouse Chalet)
22.0130407/26/2009Successful attempt
Mount Roderick26.01475007/26/2009Successful attempt
Ashlu Mountain20.0155507/25/2009Successful attempt
Heather Trail to Kicking Horse
Campsite (via Three Brothers
29.0490007/25/2009Successful attempt
Mount Weart25.0210007/05/2009Successful attempt
Stoyoma Mountain12.0670007/04/2009Successful attempt
Mount James Turner (Southeast
45.0196507/03/2009Successful attempt
Joffre Peak (via the Aussie
Couloir and Anniversary Glacier)
21.0147006/29/2009Successful attempt
Mount Liddell14.0903006/07/2009Failed attempt
Mount Killam16.084406/07/2009Successful attempt
Mosquito Creek Cascade8.0320006/07/2009Successful attempt
Johnson Peak8.0133005/31/2009Successful attempt
Mount Fromme (from Grouse
9.0270005/21/2009Successful attempt
Sunset Trail10.097505/16/2009Successful attempt
Mount Sproatt (from Callaghan
Valley Road)
19.084005/16/2009Failed attempt
Mount Fromme (from St. Georges
9.082505/10/2009Successful attempt
Mount MacDonald - Mount Webb Loop33.0192505/09/2009Successful attempt
Campbell Lake9.070005/09/2009Successful attempt
Baden-Powell Trail (Deep Cove to
Grouse Mountain) one way
22.050005/03/2009Successful attempt
Gamuza - Llama - Zupjok Loop30.075005/01/2009Successful attempt
Jug Island Beach Trail5.0100004/30/2009Successful attempt
Spirit Caves5.0535004/26/2009Successful attempt
Perimeter Trail2.024004/12/2009Successful attempt
Runner Peak12.042011/15/2008Successful attempt
West Lion Circumnavigation18.0140910/18/2008Successful attempt
Mount Gandalf (from Brian
Waddington Hut)
8.066910/12/2008Successful attempt
Mount Shadowfax (from Brian
Waddington Hut)
5.059510/11/2008Failed attempt
South Needle (from Lynn Trail)22.097010/04/2008Successful attempt
Mount Price (From Garibaldi Lake)7.058009/07/2008Successful attempt
Black Tusk30.0174009/06/2008Successful attempt
Black Tusk (from Taylor Meadow
11.0820008/11/2007Successful attempt
Ford Mountain13.01000005/21/2007Successful attempt
HBC Brigade Trail of 184813.078800 No information
Academy Trail4.010000 No information
Alice Lake Loop6.0000 No information
Black Mountain19.0118400 No information
Boxcar13.064000 No information
Cambie Loop5.0000 No information
Deeks Creek Trail4.042000 No information
Dorman Point (Crippen Regional
3.010000 No information
Eagle Bluff Trail4.020000 No information
Echo Lake Trail5.091000 No information
Flora Lake14.0113600 No information
Hicks Lake Loop6.02500 No information
Howe Sound Bluffs10.040000 No information
Lynn Lake22.061000 No information
Mid-Stein Valley (from Cottonwood
Creek to Stein Lake) one way
29.0000 No information
Mount Seymour (From Deep Cove)27.0145500 No information
Panorama Ridge (from Garibaldi
10.063000 No information
Sun God Mountain6.0102100 No information
Sunshine Coast Trail180.0000 No information
Valentine Lake13.066000 No information
Blowdown Pass9.055000 No information
Denham's Trail6.09500 No information
Eagle Peak (Mount Beautifull)19.0112000 No information
Galene Lakes (From Chittenden
26.0125000 No information
Guanaco Peak7.091000 No information
Helm Lake20.091500 No information
July Mountain10.071700 No information
Leading Peak10.076500 No information
Mamquam Lake44.0121000 No information
Mount Amadis22.0144500 No information
Mount Artaban10.061500 No information
Mount Thynne11.029000 No information
Nicomen Lake Trail one way30.0101000 No information
Poland Lake18.043000 No information
Punch Bowl21.0102000 No information
Russet Lake27.0125000 No information
Tin Hat Mountain12.070000 No information
Vedder Mountain10.038300 No information
Widgeon Lake19.077000 No information
1858 Gold Rush Trail (via Bluffs
6.056000 No information
Alexandra Bridge2.0-4500 No information
Alouette Ridge14.055000 No information
Alouette to Stave trail4.027000 No information
Alouette Valley Trail7.0000 No information
Alpine Forest Trail7.0000 No information
American Creek Falls2.0-16000 No information
Antimony Lake (via Eagle Ridge)
one way
13.0127500 No information
Baby Munday (North summit)11.0120000 No information
Ballantree Trail3.08000 No information
Ben Lomond via Wind Lake15.088400 No information
Black Mountain (from Columbia
Valley Highway)
13.0106000 No information
Black Tusk (from Garibaldi Lake)14.085000 No information
Blowdown Pass to Cottonwood Creek
campsite one way
25.0000 No information
Blue Cedar Trail4.033000 No information
Boise Trail (From start of 4WD to
Mamquam Pass)
20.082500 No information
Bonnevier Trail one way18.095000 No information
Brew Hut16.0128000 No information
Brew Lake (via Roe Creek)22.0100000 No information
Bridle Trail5.013500 No information
Brothers Creek Forestry Heritage
5.024000 No information
Bug Lake6.085000 No information
Burke Ridge Trail18.090000 No information
Burnt Stew2.0000 No information
Cape Fife Trail (Naikun Park)20.020000 No information
Cassiope Peak15.0117400 No information
Cedars Mill / Headwaters Loop8.0000 No information
Central Cheam Range Trail8.073000 No information
Chadsey Lake Loop12.060000 No information
Chilliwack River11.0000 No information
Chipmunk Caves2.0-500 No information
Chittenden Meadow3.04800 No information
Clerf Lake11.065200 No information
Coquihalla Canyon (via Othello
3.06000 No information
Coquihalla Canyon to Kettle
Valley Road
10.012500 No information
Cottonwood Creek Trail22.0000 No information
Cougar Mountain6.015000 No information
Dakota Ridge12.030000 No information
Deeks Bluff Trail5.043500 No information
Deeks Bluff Trail Loop (via Deeks
10.043500 No information
Deer Lake4.07600 No information
Deroche Mountain13.097900 No information
Dewdney cabin (via South Trail)4.057500 No information
Dewdney Peak (via South Trail)6.084000 No information
Dewdney Trail36.0000 No information
Dinky Peak2.012400 No information
East Canyon Trail22.0000 No information
Eaton Peak15.0168700 No information
Elaho Canyon13.0000 No information
Elk Creek Falls10.026300 No information
Elsay Lake20.032500 No information
Elton Lake (Stein Lake to Elton
Lake) one way
4.0000 No information
Emma Lake Trail12.090000 No information
Empetrum Peak - from Rubble Creek40.0140500 No information
Evans Valley Trail9.049000 No information
Falls Lake3.04000 No information
Fissile Peak (from Whistler)35.0174000 No information
Fools Gold Route50.0000 No information
Fort-to-Fort Trail5.0000 No information
Fountain Ridge8.058000 No information
Four Lakes Trail8.0000 No information
Frosty Mountain (From Windy Joe
29.0120600 No information
Galene Lakes (from Nepopekum Day
Use Area via Shortcut)
19.0122800 No information
Goat Bluffs Trail to Jean's Trail
7.094500 No information
Goat Ridge11.025000 No information
Goat Ridge (via Petgill Lake)20.0163000 No information
Goat Ridge Lookout (via Goat
Mountain Trail)
10.031600 No information
Goetz Peak (from Foley Creek)17.0153500 No information
Gold Creek Falls6.022000 No information
Goldie Lake Loop6.0000 No information
Gott Creek Trail9.089100 No information
Grainger Creek Trail one way12.083700 No information
Hanes Valley Loop (from Lynn
25.0113000 No information
Hanging Lake Trail6.080000 No information
Harmony Lake Trail & Loop2.0000 No information
Harmony Meadows3.0000 No information
Harrison Lookout3.037000 No information
Heather Trail (from Blackwall
Peak parking to Nicomen Lake) one
21.034700 No information
Heather Trail to Three Brothers
21.049000 No information
Hollyburn Lakes10.025000 No information
Hollyburn Mountain Trail6.042600 No information
Hollyburn Ridge-British
10.0000 No information
Hope Lookout Trail5.048000 No information
Hope Pass Trail one way24.0000 No information
Hope-Nicola Valley Trail7.019500 No information
Houston Trail3.02500 No information
Howe Sound Crest Trail one way29.0180000 No information
Hundred Lakes Plateau10.074500 No information
Indian Arm Route70.0150000 No information
Isolillock Peak6.0124000 No information
Jeanne Lake7.047000 No information
Keats Landing to Plumper Cove
5.05000 No information
Killarney Lake (Crippen Regional
8.04000 No information
Kippan Lakes2.07000 No information
Knight Peak (From End of Central
Cheam Range Trail)
4.052500 No information
Ladner Creek2.09000 No information
Landstrom Ridge3.022000 No information
Larch Plateau18.080000 No information
Lawson Creek Forestry Heritage
5.032000 No information
Levette Lake Loop11.030000 No information
Lightning Lake Loop9.0000 No information
Little Diamond Head36.0122100 No information
Little Diamond Head (from Elfin
14.062500 No information
Little Goat Mountain6.023800 No information
Little Ring Mountain12.0125000 No information
Liumchen Lake5.030000 No information
Lizzie - stein divide to Heart
Lake one way
12.064000 No information
Llama-Alpaca Ridge3.062000 No information
Lone Duck Trail3.0000 No information
Lookout Peak18.0117300 No information
Lower Falls Trail6.0000 No information
Lower Stein Valley Trail (From
Stein Valley Trailhead to
Cottonwood Creek) one way
29.035500 No information
Lucky Four Mine18.0118800 No information
Lucky Four Mine To Mile High
13.089800 No information
Lynn Creek & Forest Loop10.0000 No information
Lynn Loop Trail5.017500 No information
Lynn Peak (via Hydraulic Creek
5.074000 No information
Malcolm Knapp Research Forest
50.0000 No information
Mamquam Lake (from Elfin Lake)22.057000 No information
McGillivray Creek Trail14.0107500 No information
Mehatl Falls6.0000 No information
Memaloose Trail18.041000 No information
Menzies Trail9.0000 No information
Mike Lake Trail4.0000 No information
Monument 78 (via Castle Creek
24.020000 No information
Monument 78 (via Pacific Crest
26.044800 No information
Monument 83 Trail32.085900 No information
Mount Aragorn (from Brian
Waddington Hut)
7.075000 No information
Mount Cheam8.071500 No information
Mount Cheam Ridge Trail10.066500 No information
Mount Daniel8.0000 No information
Mount Drew36.0188700 No information
Mount Forddred22.0150000 No information
Mount Gandalf - Aragon circuit12.090000 No information
Mount Hanover (East Ridge)27.0150000 No information
Mount Hanover (SouthWest Gully)24.0150000 No information
Mount Hanover (via North Ridge)25.0145000 No information
Mount Hatfield21.0165000 No information
Mount Henning8.055000 No information
Mount Lockwood15.0160000 No information
Mount Martyn8.0129600 No information
Mount McGuire (via NW Ridge)10.0121900 No information
Mount Mulligan16.0124500 No information
Mount Saint Benedict (From Upper
6.059800 No information
Mount Sheer (from Furry Creek)20.0100000 No information
Mount Slesse Trail10.0121000 No information
Mount Thom10.035900 No information
Mount Troubridge8.065000 No information
Mount Urquhart (via West Ridge
& Charles Creek)
6.0124800 No information
Munro Lake Trail (To Dennet Lake)10.086000 No information
Musical Bumps19.072700 No information
Mystery Lake3.013500 No information
Nak Peak8.081000 No information
Needle Peak trail to Small Lake13.058000 No information
Nicolum Knob2.028700 No information
North Golden Ears24.0152100 No information
Ogilvie Sub-Peak (via Goat Bluffs
10.0127000 No information
Old Buck Trail5.058000 No information
Old Buck Trail (Picnic Area to
Deep Cove Lookout)
4.021000 No information
Old Growth Trail & Spruce
4.02000 No information
Old Settler12.094200 No information
Ottomite Mountain8.028800 No information
Outback Trail9.0000 No information
Overlord Mountain (From Whistler
38.0192500 No information
Paintbrush Nature Trail2.0000 No information
Paleface Pass Trail13.076000 No information
Pinecone Lake (from 4WD road
18.0122000 No information
Pitt Wildlife Loop12.015000 No information
Porcupine Peak11.0137300 No information
Pretty Peak (from end of Pretty
Creek FSR)
4.040000 No information
Pretty Peak (from Pretty Creek
16.0115000 No information
Rainy Peak15.0130000 No information
Ravine Trail2.0000 No information
Rolley Falls2.012800 No information
Rough Creek Trail10.085000 No information
Salal Creek to Athelney Pass30.080000 No information
Salmon Ridge Trail2.0000 No information
Sasamat Lake Loop3.0000 No information
Saunders Trail5.0000 No information
Saxifrage Peak20.0139100 No information
Scout Mountain (Diamond trail)8.025000 No information
Seven O'Clock Mountain13.093100 No information
Seymour River & Rice Lake
7.0000 No information
Seymour Valley Trailway20.08000 No information
Shaggy Mane Trail11.0000 No information
Sigurd Creek Trail (To Crooked
6.043000 No information
Sigurd Creek Trail (To Moraine
17.0115000 No information
Similkameen Trail one way12.0000 No information
Singing Pass Trail23.096500 No information
Siwhe Creek Trail one way14.0140600 No information
Skagit Bluffs11.022500 No information
Skagit Valley Centennial Trail
one way
14.0000 No information
Skyline I20.062100 No information
Skyline II (Skagit Valley to
Mowich Campsite) one way
13.0130000 No information
Skyline II (Strawberry Flats to
Mowich Campsite) one way
13.052300 No information
Slollicum Lake14.092400 No information
Smoke Bluffs Loop3.019100 No information
Snass Mountain26.0156100 No information
Snow Camp Mountain17.060000 No information
Spetch Creek7.066000 No information
Sphinx shelter (from Rubble Creek
33.090000 No information
Squeah Mountain (from Deneau
Creek Road)
14.0125800 No information
Stave Falls Forest Interpretation
2.015000 No information
Stein Divide Tundra Lake to the
Lizzie Lake trail head one way
13.0000 No information
Stein North Shore Trail (to
7.021000 No information
Stein North Shore Trail (to Edge
of River)
5.06000 No information
Stryen East Fork Trail (From
Stein Valley trailhead)
22.0132500 No information
Stryen East Fork Trail (From the
11.060000 No information
Stryen West Fork Trail (From
Stein Valley trailhead)
27.0167500 No information
Stryen West Fork Trail (From the
16.093000 No information
Sugar Mountain Trail7.024300 No information
Swan Falls Loop (Halvor Lunden
20.0000 No information
Swanee Lake11.085000 No information
Taylor Meadows Campsite
(Garibaldi Lake)
16.091500 No information
Temples of Time Grove3.016000 No information
Tenquille Creek11.042700 No information
Tenquille Lake (from Hurley River
12.045500 No information
Thacker Mountain (Service Road to
Microwave Tower)
3.011000 No information
Thacker Mountain Outer Loop5.012500 No information
Thar - Nak - Yak Circuit13.0155000 No information
Thar Peak7.073000 No information
Three Falls Trail9.0-16100 No information
Three-Chop Trail3.040000 No information
TNT3.0-38000 No information
Tolkien Peak18.0165000 No information
Trans Canada Trail (West
25.083000 No information
Unnecessary Mountain Trail (from
Lions Bay)
10.0131000 No information
Upper and Lower Lakeside Trails6.0000 No information
Upper Silverhope Trail one way4.01000 No information
Upper Stein Valley Trail (Stein
Lake to Tundra Lake)
11.0000 No information
Vedder Mountain West Trail11.086500 No information
Viking Creek Viewpoint Trail2.0000 No information
Village Descent10.0000 No information
Viola Lake5.050000 No information
West Side Trail (Cedar)6.010000 No information
Whatcom Trail one way15.0100000 No information
Whippoorwill Point Trail4.08800 No information
Whistler Lifesaving Trail7.078100 No information
Widgeon Falls6.010000 No information
Widgeon Peak30.0111000 No information
Will Koop Trail5.036000 No information
Williamson Lake (from 4WD Road
4.0117500 No information
Williamson Lake (from Airplane
Creek Road)
13.0102000 No information
Wrottesley Trail13.0162500 No information
Yew Lake3.05000 No information